The night of the Bash was magical. As staff, board and volunteers prepared for the evening, a light rain came in from the east. Thankfully, it    stayed just long enough to give the river a beautiful glow, and then faded away as guests began to arrive.  Down on the lawn, just steps from the  River Island Pavilion, 1,000 Apalachicola Oysters were being steamed as guest gathered around, shucked their hearts out and enjoyed the tasty  delicacies while catching up with friends old and new.

The banks of the Savannah, especially the 129 acres that surround River Island, hold a very special place in the Land Trust’s heart. Permanently  protected in 2009, the beauty of this most elegant spot will be enjoyed by Augustans for many years to come. And on this night, the view was  breathtaking.

The party continued as oyster lovers made their way back up to the pavilion to enjoy live music and to get a    taste of more mouth watering pleasures. A spread of shrimp and grits, southern veggies and a variety of the  most perfectly prepared dessert awaited. Many stopped before reaching the food to inquire about the easel and canvas that sat at a panoramic angle to local painter Richard Worth. There Richard began his work of capturing the detailed beauty of the night, later to be auctioned off as a donation to the Land Trust.

During a brief ceremony, longtime board members, Mr. Graham Hill from Northwestern Mutual and Mr. Alex Nixon from Nixon Land Company were celebrated as their term at the Land Trust came to an end. The two have made a long lasting impact on the organization. The work is in their blood and I have no doubt they will remain friends, supporters and continued legacy leavers of the organization. We continue to thank them for all the hard work and dedication that went in to their 8 years of service.

The night ended with numerous raffle items such as an Angler Kayak, Wine Basket and works by local artisans given away as well as the live auction of the masterpiece created by the very talented, Mr. Worth. Conversations of nature and its beauty, the future of the Land Trust and how many would like to help or have helped to leave a legacy in this little big town called Augusta continued even after the lights went out.

 So many were thanked, yet “thanks” just doesn’t seem enough. Land owners, members, those who donated, volunteers, sponsors: you all make  the Land Trust and you made the Bash a huge success! You are what helps keep our lights on and what allows us to continue our mission to save  many more wild and unique properties in and around this beautiful place we call home!

If you missed the Bash, we hope you will join us next year. Our 2016 calendar will be available soon so make sure to check that out!