I Want to Get Outside!

Greystone Workday, Wreath Making, & S’more!

At the Land Trust, we hear it often… “I’m not an outside person”. Maybe it’s the heat, or the bugs, or maybe you find being outdoors uncomfortable.  We understand. The elements can sometimes be overwhelming, and the bugs can be aggravating.  But, here are a few reasons why you might consider looking past the discomfort, and giving the beautiful outdoors another shot.



Being outdoors is great for your mental health. It’s proven that time spent outside improves concentration, increases creativity, and is incredibly beneficial for stress relief. Exposing our brains to restorative environments has been proven to decrease blood pressure and provide a natural mood boost.

On December 1st, we invite you to get outside and use your hands and your creative mind with us! We’ll be experiencing the wonderful sounds and smells of the great outdoors while making live wreaths with the great folks from Southern Landscaping, just in time for the holiday season!


Spending time outside can also offer you the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. We know, you’re already out of your comfort zone… but why not use the experience for some additional growth? Volunteering is an awesome way to get outdoors and work alongside your local community members. The real bonus? You’re working on projects that benefit not only you, but everyone collectively! Two birds, one stone, right?

This November, we have the perfect occasion for you to get outdoors and meet like-minded people. On November 3rd we’ll be hosting the AU Day of Service, a time where Augusta University students, faculty, and staff come together to serve their community. This year, the group will be planting new gardens and helping with building projects on our Greystone Preserve in North Augusta.  You don’t have to be an AU student or faculty member to join us, either. Come lend a hand and meet a new friend. We promise it’ll be worth getting out of your comfort zone.


Being outdoors is also immensely beneficial for your physical health. It’s true: the idea that “fresh air is good for you” isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Trees are natural air purifiers, so you can breathe easy the next time you’re in the woods. Additionally, being outside reduces inflammation, which can lead to a stronger immune system and help protect you against disease and illness.

In fact, why not join us on September 22nd for a Moonlight Hike?  You can stretch your muscles and enjoy the fresh air, and maybe even meet a new friend.  And of course, where there is work, there is reward!  After the hike, we’ll be roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire.


Our Fall season at the Land Trust is loaded with plenty of healthy outdoor events and activities, even more than what’s described here. Each one is designed to connect you to the land we all love and depend on, and to hopefully create a new appreciation for all the benefits that nature provides us daily. Interested in what else we have to offer this Fall and Winter season? Check out our fall events HERE. We hope to see you outside soon!