A stone’s throw from the heart of Augusta and North Augusta lies another realm: 262 acres of peaceful creeks and deep valleys that seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of the metro area.

This oasis, simply named the Greystone Preserve, is a stunning landscape that perfectly encapsulates the unique diversity of our entire region — from the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain.  A short walk across Greystone’s many peaks and valleys, and you might swear you were in the mountains, or deep in the heart of some long-established low-country preserve, rather than within the City limits.

The Greystone Preserve is home to countless species of local wildlife. In the spring, the ground is bursting with color from the dozens of native wildflowers that dot the landscape.  Meandering through the forest are several granite-strewn creeks, all of which feed the Savannah River, less than a 1/4 mile downstream, with nutrients and fresh water.  And above, the Preserve’s mature hardwood forest provides much-needed groundwater recharge areas for the City of North Augusta and is a safe-haven for the region’s own endangered wildflower, Relict Trillium.

Greystone’s protection was made possible by a very generous donation by the Knox Family in 2007.  Since then, the Land Trust has been restoring and enhancing this wild and beautiful property, and has recently begun to host events there on a limited basis. Each year in March, hikers are invited on a guided tour to experience the spring wildflower display.  And this year, on May 21st, the Preserve will host its second annual 5K trail race, “The Run for the Hills”, the proceeds of which will benefit the preservation of more beautiful spaces like Greystone.

This exciting and challenging event will take runners on a journey through Greystone’s diverse landscape: across sunny pine uplands, down into shady oak-hickory bottomlands, and along pristine streams for a fun and challenging race course.  Prizes will be awarded for the fastest in each age category, but you don’t have to be a speed demon to enjoy the route.  Joggers and walkers are welcome too!

We encourage all those who love and appreciate this beautiful place we all call home to join us on May 21st for the Run. We promise you will have a great time, experience something new and unforgettable, all while contributing to a legacy that will truly last forever.

For more information about the trail run click here.