Talk to Us About Your Land

You love your land.  Whether you’re a hunter, a timber farmer, or you simply enjoy being surrounded by nature – there’s something special about it.  Something worth protecting.

We live in a constantly changing world.  The pressures your land faces today, and will face in the future, can make it challenging to maintain without compromising what you love most about it.

The Land Trust helps landowners protect their land’s precious natural resources while preserving our greater natural landscape.  By placing a conservation easement on your land, you can make a permanent impact on its future, ensuring the qualities you value most are protected forever, while in many cases also enjoying favorable tax incentives.

We are always excited to meet new landowners who share our passion for the natural world.  Farmers, family estate owners, developers, and local governments are just a few of our partners.  We invite you to contact us today and see if conservation could be right for you.

Help Preserve our Natural Landscape

Safeguarding forests, wetlands, & open spaces that define our region's character