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A Bird’s Paradise

It doesn’t take long to see why tens of thousands of ducks come home to Cedar Falls Farm each year. The 1,500 acre haven, including a Land Trust preserve and over 1,000 acres protected by Ducks Unlimited, is a Ritz Carleton for waterfowl, complete with ponds planted with their favorite food, plenty of trees and places to hide, and clear cool spring water. It’s a bird’s paradise, and its owners are passionate about keeping it that way. Each year they work to improve the Farm’s habitat to make it a perfect winter home for the more than 10 different species of ducks who travel all the way from Canada each year.

Besides being a bird’s best friend, Cedar Falls is home to one of the area’s oldest historic homes and some stunningly beautiful scenery, just a stone’s throw away from Lake Hartwell. This is a place where rolling fields are painted a kaleidoscope of color, and graceful mountain streams snake through cathedrals of tall oaks and cedars, some more than 100 years old. With a little help from the Land Trust, this enchanting landscape is now sure to delight all of its visitors – even the birds – forever.


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