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CSRLT Success Story:

Peace Like a River

The Savannah River is unique amongst our nation’s urban river systems. Despite flowing through the second-largest city in Georgia, much of the Savannah remains untouched by modern development. The portion that runs along the edge of Columbia County is no exception. Here you can slip a kayak quietly into the wild, making your way through clear waters teeming with fish, navigating around uninhabited islands, and basking in the tranquility that somehow manages to coexist with our modern world.

Since 2004, the Land Trust has worked to protect this stretch of landscape from degradation. Through our partnerships with local developers, over two-and-a-half miles of the Savannah’s banks and surrounding landscape are now preserved in all of their wild beauty, forever. And although the work is far from complete (many miles of the river are still waiting to receive this level of protection), we are confident in Columbia County’s commitment to the future of its landscape and are thankful to work with local landowners who share this vision. With every new preserve we establish, together we are ensuring that the Savannah, with its gorgeous views and tranquil spirit, remains a welcome escape from the modern world for a long, long, long time to come.


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