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CSRLT Success Story:

Gants Mill Creek Regeneration

Timber is big business in Barnwell County. But to grow good trees, you need more than good dirt. You need solid management and a keen eye to spot, and fix, problems in the trees before they have the chance to spread. One of the Land Trust’s partners has such an eye. His property, formerly a timber-company plot but long neglected after the company moved on to greener pastures, is a restoration project in the making. Since the land has been in his care, he has gone to great lengths, not only to improve the timber, but to restore the overall landscape to its former health and vibrancy.

He’s removing pests and diseased trees before they can ravage other areas, he’s planting native plants like long-leaf pine – a long-forgotten tree that is thankfully making a comeback in our area, and he’s making strides to keep the hardwood bottoms and natural pools around Gants Mill Creek clean and healthy for the wide range of animals and plants that call his land their home. In short, he’s working for a better tomorrow — for his land and for the local landscape as a whole. We applaud all of our landowners who diligently steward our landscape and its precious resources. We are proud to partner with you to preserve these areas of natural beauty for generations to come.


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