3 Reasons to Get Outdoors This Fall – We Made it Easy for You!

At the Land Trust, we hear it often… “I’m not an outside person”. Maybe it’s the heat, or the bugs, or maybe you find being outdoors uncomfortable. We understand. The elements can sometimes be overwhelming, and the bugs can be aggravating. But, here are a few reasons why you might consider looking past the discomfort, and giving the beautiful outdoors another shot.

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3 Reasons to Try Trail Running

Road races, regardless of the distance, are fun… but predictable. Trail running, on the other hand, requires a tactical perspective, it boosts solidarity between athletes, and instills a feeling of adventure because of the ever changing nature of the course.

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What Does the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” Mean for You?

Over the last few weeks, news of tax reform and changes to the standard tax deduction has been making headlines. This week, Congress sent President Trump the finalized Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a bill that makes sweeping changes to the U.S. tax code. These changes are likely to affect charitable organizations, including land trusts.

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Augusta University Day of Service

Early on November 4th, with dewy grass and crisp morning air, we welcomed more than 30 students, faculty, and staff from Augusta University to our beautiful Greystone Preserve in North Augusta. Together, we planted fruit trees and shrubs, including mulberry, peach, plum, nectarine, and blueberry; companion plants such as russian comfrey; and pollinator plants like butterfly bushes, lantana, and rudbeckia!

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Bash on the Banks | 2017

On October 12, more than two hundred Augusta locals gathered at the River Island Clubhouse to celebrate the conservation accomplishments that have been made this year. With 1,300 new acres of land preserved, hundreds of volunteer hours donated, thousands of dollars raised, and countless communities touched by land conservation and education — there was a lot of celebrate!

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Conservation Spotlight: River Island

In 2004, local developer, Vic Mills had a vision to create an environmentally-conscious neighborhood on the banks of the Savannah River and Jones Creek in Evans, GA where nature would shape the lifestyle of man. He called this special place: River Island…

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A Series of Small Things

It’s easy to feel like environmental issues are out of your control, or just too big of a task to tackle, but that’s simply not true! This month, we have taken all the stress and work out for you and made it EASY to make a difference. Check out this article to see how…

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A Family and their Land – Reunited

At the Land Trust, you never know who you might meet or what the day will bring. Last month, we answered a phone call from Palm Springs, California. The caller, Mrs. Keron Saunders, was planning a family reunion in Augusta, and had stumbled upon our Run for the Hills while looking for group activities. So far so normal. Except, that Keron’s not a runner…

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Justin Lee: Certified Arborist, Bartlett Tree Experts

Q: Welcome to the Land Trust, Justin. Tell us: what was it that drew Bartlett Tree Experts to join the Land Trust?

Thank you. Yes, well, the Land Trust is a huge asset to our community. Your forward-thinking and future planning has already proven to help our community and our greenspaces prosper. Bartlett Tree Experts bases its business off of scientific tree care and preservation of our land and trees. We look forward to partnering with the Land Trust to help the cause in any way we can.

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Lewis Smoak: 10 Years of Conservation at Cedar Falls Farm

Q: How did you come to find the Central Savannah River Land Trust and how did you first come across the land you now preserve, called Cedar Falls Farm?

A: We found the Land Trust through our good friend Roy Simpkins. He had been telling us about their great work for several years.

I first came across the property as a long time partner in an adjoining property duck hunting partnership. For 20 years I had always admired the great antebellum home and finally around 1999 convinced the utility owner of the property to lease it to me for over-nighting during duck season…

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Braye Boardman: Clean Water Fund

Q: What is the Clean Water Fund and how did this initiative get started?

A: The Savannah River Clean Water Fund got started in 2009 with a South Low Country (SOLO) Task Force comprised of state and federal government agencies, local environmental non-profit organizations, landowners, businesses and private interests with the agreement that there was an explicit connection between the land resources of the Savannah River Basin

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