Bash on the Banks, More than a Party

Picture this: you’re holding a delicious, cold beer from Riverwatch Brewing Co, “The Unmentionables” are playing all the crowd favorites, and you’re eyeing the Cabela’s kayak that’s up for grabs. You make your way down past the patio, shuck oysters with some of your friends, all while enjoying a spectacular view over the Savannah River. It’s a beautiful Fall evening, full of local Augustans, delicious southern fare, cigars and spirits – all in celebration of this wonderful landscape in which we live.

Maybe you were invited by a friend. Maybe you’re one of our generous corporate sponsors, or maybe you just saw something about a party on the River and thought it sounded like fun . But somehow you made your way to River Island, met friends old and new, and walked away knowing you did some charitable good for your community, and had a great time doing it.

This year’s Bash is more than just a party.  It is a local holiday of sorts, dedicated to our community’s most precious resource: land.  At the Bash, we celebrate all that our local landscape has to offer – the forests, the fields, and the wetlands that are the very air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat, and so much more – and we celebrate the people and businesses across the CSRA who are helping protect and preserve it.  People just like you.

By attending the Bash, or by donating to the Land Trust as a member or sponsor, you are accomplishing huge and incredible things:

  • Preserving the drinking water for more than 2 million people in Georgia and South Carolina
  • Helping farmers keep their land in production, growing fresh, local produce and raising premium livestock for our community
  • Instilling the joy and love for nature in our children, giving them opportunities to learn from and play in the natural world
  • Saving more than 7,300 acres in 12 Georgia and South Carolina counties FOREVER

As the Land Trust’s Membership and Events Coordinator – THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do all that we do for your local landscape without you.

The Bash is an incredibly important event to the CSRLT and we are grateful that there are so many people who come out to enjoy an evening on the River.  We hope you know all the GOOD you are doing for our community and this organization. If you’re on the fence about joining us at this year’s 14th Annual Bash on the Banks, I encourage you to go buy your tickets now, before they sell out! We’ll see you October 12th.

-Bethany Surles