The Laverlea Preserve | Evans, GA

Laverlea is a 344-acre nature preserve on Blanchard Road in Evans, packed with beautiful scenery, rolling pastures, deep hardwood forests, tranquil creeks, and lush wetlands. Situated in the midst of this idyllic setting sits a stately Colonial-style brick home, formal English gardens, and various barns and outbuildings where we hope to one day host a variety of outdoor educational and recreational events.

Laverlea was generously donated to the Land Trust by Ms. Laverne Dorn in December 2022.  Since 1970, Laverne and her family have carefully tended to Laverlea’s vast grasslands, meadows, and pastures, growing vegetables, raising cattle and harvesting hay.  The name “Laverlea” is actually a combination of the words Laverne and Lea: Laverne in loving memory of the Preserve’s donor, and Lea meaning grassland, meadow, or pasture. It seemed only fitting to recognize both the place and the person who made its preservation possible. The Laverlea Preserve is, essentially, Laverne’s Pasture.

As a brand new preserve, Laverlea is very much “under construction” at this time, and is not yet open to the public.  However, our goal is for Laverlea to become a place where the community can connect to nature, and experience the joys of the natural world just like Laverne did.  By creating a place where everyone feels welcome to explore the great outdoors, we hope to encourage a love for nature throughout our community, and ensure a healthier future for our entire region through preserving these special natural places.

Please check back for more updates on this exciting new property.


PLEASE NOTE: at this time, Laverlea is not open to the public.

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