New River Bridges -- Connecting 150 miles of Augusta Trails

Replacing the I-20 Bridges

The Bridge Project

In 2018, the GA and SC Departments of Transportation will replace the Interstate 20 Bridges crossing the Augusta Canal and Savannah River. The project is estimated to cost $80M and will include 3 Eastbound and 3 Westbound lanes for vehicular traffic, as well as 2 lanes to be used as shoulders.

The I-20 Bridges can easily serve as a vital link not only for vehicular traffic, but for bicyclists and pedestrians as well. The I-20 Bridges connect two halves of a major public greenway and trail system in Augusta-Richmond and Columbia Counties, GA and Aiken County, SC. By adding a buffered 9th lane for bicyclists/pedestrians, the Departments of Transportation could effectively connect over 150 miles of trails, two State Welcome Centers, over 1,000 acres of Public Greenspace, a major retail and residential area and create an iconic tourist destination for both states.


Watch the Video

Wondering what all this would look like?  Here’s a video of a similar bridge on Interstate 90 over Lake Washington.


Contact the Georgia DOT

The DOT needs our public comments.  Fill out the form to send your letter of support for a bike and pedestrian addition to the new bridges.  A transcript of the message is below.  Feel free to add your own thoughts as well!

By clicking “Email GDOT”, you will send the following email to the Georgia DOT, along with any comments that you choose to add in the field above.  You may also email your own letter to the DOT c/o Mr. Timothy Matthews, Project Manager:

Dear Tim,

I am writing regarding the Central Savannah River Land Trust’s proposition of adding a bike and pedestrian lane to the proposed new I-20 Bridges over the Augusta Canal and Savannah River in Richmond County (GDOT Project #210327). I support this initiative, as I believe that it is a key investment in our community that will pay dividends in our quality of life, transportation safety, public health, and economic development for years to come. Please re-consider this proposal and find a way to make this a part of the new bridge.

At the very least, please consider the connection over the Augusta Canal, the smaller of the two bridges. This will connect directly with the Canal Towpath on one side, and the City’s street trail network, which terminates at the Village at Riverwatch Shopping Center on the other.  Thank you for your consideration.