We all know how tough peace and quiet are to come by these days.  Still, there are a few places where the sounds and stress of modern life just seem to melt away.  Peaceful Valley Farm, in Blythe GA is one such place.  A visit to the 140 acre former dairy farm can be as transformative as any day at the spa.  The rolling pastures, thick forests, and big red barn nestled amongst a grove of knarled old oak trees can calm even the most harried of minds, and call to mind a simpler time when a “tweet” was something the songbirds did in the early morning sunshine.

For over a century, the farm and the adjoining Claussen’s Pond on Highway 1 have been captivating passers-by.  And now, thanks to the generosity of its owner, Mr. Wayne Hayes, and financial support from neighboring Fort Gordon and their ACUB program, this idyll will continue to bring respite for many years to come.  By permanently preserving his family farm with the Land Trust, Mr Hayes has not only ensured a solid future for his children and grandchildren, but a healthier environment for us all.

We would like to thank Mr Hayes for his foresight and commitment to the preservation of our region’s natural resources and farm heritage, and Fort Gordon’s ACUB grant program for their critical support in this project.  If you or someone you know owns land near Fort Gordon and is interested in preservation, we encourage you to contact our offices to see if the ACUB program can help.