Annual Events

Plant a tree, challenge your endurance, perfect your oyster-shucking skills, or just take a stroll through nature with us.

However you choose to experience the great outdoors, we have an event for you!

The “Bash”

Where: The Greystone Preserve
What: Whole Hog Roast & Live Music

This year’s Bash will be hosted on the Greystone Preserve, a 262 acre oasis along the banks of the Savannah River in the heart of the city.  The party will feature cocktail cruises of the nature preserve, as well as live music, a classic whole hog roast, an open bar, prizes and much more.

See pictures from previous events here.

Trillium Trek

Where: The Greystone Preserve, North Augusta
What: Guided Nature Hike, Endangered Wildflowers

Join us on this guided hike to view the incredible scenery of Greystone as we go in search of the Relict Trillium. Listed as an endangered species, this perennial flowering plant grows prevalent on our 262 acre Greystone Preserve in North Augusta. Our master naturalist will guide you through this beautiful mountain landscape in search of the Trillium.

Run for the Hills, 5k Race

Where: The Greystone Preserve
What: 5k Run & Walk

Conquer the hills on this private 262 acre nature preserve packed with beautiful scenery, mature oak-hickory forests, tranquil creeks with granite outcroppings, and endangered wildflowers. The race course will lead you into the heart of this stunning landscape, through twists and turns, along the creeks and up over the mountainous terrain for an adventurous and breathtaking run, or walk if you prefer.  All proceeds benefit the preservation of more landscapes like this throughout the CSRA.

Check out some photos of the Preserve here.